Thursday, 22 September 2011

Guitar/Ukulele Lessons at Bedok Central

Welcome to  

BG Music & Arts Education Services (since 2009)

formerly at  Blk 118 Aljunied Ave 2, level 2
above Shop & Save Supermarket.

Now We are at Bedok Central!

* specialise only in Guitar & Ukulele Courses*

Guitar Courses:  Classical or Pop Our guitar courses are divided into beginners and intermediate stages. Both courses will  guide the students with proper guitar playing techniques by way of strumming and finger style. Thereafter, the student will determine whether he or she wants to strum and sing or finger pluck ie playing melodies and chords.

*Beginners: Most students who stayed to complete the beginners stage are able to tune the guitar, play the C, D, Em and G chords, strum the guitar, learn the picking and choke patterns, and more chords like major open, minor open and alternative chords.

*Intermediate: More techniques on strumming, note reading, advance chords.

*Also lessons for students interested in preparing for exams in classical guitar.

Group or individual lessons.

For enquiries, please email or contact by sms or call 97418528. 

Pop Guitar Group Class

Ukulele Courses: We make ukulele lessons so simple that by the end of the first lesson, every student can play songs that they never could before. The lessons are structured into beginners and advanced course. Students learn to read tabs, chords and strumming patterns. The very young from 5 years old to the young at heart seniors will cruise through the course because we know how. Everybody is able to play when he or she sign up with us because we have a way to understand the students and make them musicians instantly.

Our ukulele courses are designed to make music making
 instantaneous and extremely charming.

Ukulele Group Class for Children

Group or individual lessons.

For enquiries, please email or contact by sms or call  97418528. 


Video on finger style on acoustic guitar ie playing melody + chords.
Chords C, G and F.
This song can be played on classical guitar as well as on ukulele( for ukulele, chords are F, B flat and C)
Guitarist: Derek Goh ( instructor for guitar & ukulele lesson)
Song: Everything I do, I do it for you
Artist: Bryan Adams

Polacca by Metz - a classical piece